I love, love, love sewing machines – old, new, reconditioned, etc. We have our Lending Stitches programme, where we happily (and most importantly – freely!) loan out sewing machines – these have been given to me by the general public and are a bit like a lending library of sewing machines.

But all sewing machines – not just the older ones that have been given to me –  need TLC to keep on chugging, and when I saw this blog post  The #1 Reason Sewing Machines End up in the Shop – from the very useful website Prudent Baby, I wanted to pass it along to you.  Take a peak and see if it saves you from an unnecessary trip to have your machine looked at! 

Can I also add a few extra tips that I feel are important  - firstly, use good thread!  Anyone who takes my All You Need to Know to Sew workshop knows how I feel about having good thread.  It doesn't leave that dust that cheap thread does – it is like a fine mist of dust that gathers around the needle of the machine as well as inside around the bobbin casing. Eventually, this dust makes its way inside the machine and that is when it can start to act up. I do suggest Guterman as that has always worked for me….but feel free to suggest other cotton if you feel that it does the job for you!

And I strongly suggest that you educate yourself about your machine before you take it in for a service or a "looking at".  I have a five point check system that I show people that allows them to troubleshoot what the problem may before they take it in…..perhaps that will be for a later post!