So how is my year of intentions going? Is it really almost February?

I am sure that it was just New Years Eve and my head was full of the possibility that a,  fresh-out-of-the-box, new year allowed you to consider.

Or in my case, not possibility but intentions.

I made a deal with myself. I would allow myself to have a wide open attitude to making a list of intentions. I would also allow myself to revisit them and revise (if needed!) at the end of each month. And I also made one of the most difficult intention of them all – that I would share my intentions with you to hold me accountable.  A no brainer really – but still one that is not fun because once you say it OUT LOUD the heavy work begins – the doing versus the saying.

So how am I doing?  Well – the desktop (both wooden and screen) is definitely looking much better. I even ventured into my Dropbox account which has become my repository for all filesinnospecificorder (it was pretty scary).  I have decided that that one needs to be broken down into minute tasks before I even start to tackle that. And with a really long time line… December 2014….but at least it is on my radar.

I made an intention to be more active – it was time to stop pretending I was comfortable with not exercising. I wasn’t. It just didn’t feel right. So I joined a running group (their motto:  No Mean Girls – love it)! and for the last three Sundays at 8 am it has become my church (that photo is my feet a few Sunday’s ago…ready to go!) PS _ Hips are not actual size!).  I love it. Not all of it – but even the notallofit is forgotten at the end of the run. But there is talk that a 5k charity run would be possible and I even think that a 10k is what I really want to try….


I also said I would take more photos and I am – sometimes a few days with no activity and then suddenly, I get the urge. And the photos on my DSLR are definitely getting better. I am even thinking of buying a different lens but that really involves getting involved on a cerebral level to investigate what I need and I just want to enjoy the creative freedom for the moment. I don’t EVER do selfies but I took this one trying to show my son about exposure….

I am doing a bit more preparing for sewing (pattern tracing and also research for new patterns to use) so I am counting that toward my sewing intention. This is the one that I have just added to our dressmaking workshop as I loved working with it and even put a zipper in to make it a bit easier to get in to.

And I am working on transferring some of our most popular workshops to a digital format so that people can log in and sew out. This intention was one that came out of an intensive 16 week workshop about small business strategy  – it really helped me see what other possible outlets there were out there. But now the hard slog starts – finding the right software to do the job and then start the process of writing (which is another of my intentions). This intention is that one that I am quite sure will be the hardest to try and achieve.

So I am getting there – January please exit the building in let Mr February take your place.

I know from a recent conversations that sometimes happen in our workshops that January isn’t always the kindest month. As a matter of fact, some of you were really struggling for a variety of reasons. Want to know the good news? February is right around the corner so you have a chance to say goodbye to January and set some new intentions for February.