I have been so busy that I suddenly noticed…it is winter!


"The Invincible Summer," a quote print by Matthew Kavan Brooks for Society6

You could forgive me for not noticing it as much as the weather has been so mild that one would, at times, confuse it with Spring. But I also have been so busy….obviously not blogging you may have noticed!  But in my defense, I really have been busy:

 - being filmed by the BBC!  Okay – if you have been following the Studio on Facebook and Twitter you will be sick of me going on about it but it was such a great experience that I feel a bit like I need to shout it from the rooftops!  The five minute movie will be ready for on-line viewing sometime the end of February or March. I am in a bit of a hiatus whlist it gets edited but I really want to have fun with it when it does finally become available.  I am thinking I may have to do a movie premiere locally – when will I ever get this opportunity again I ask?  

– I have started writing a section for the Crafty Network called This Crafty Business– which started after a few conversations with the ladies who run the Crafty Network about wanting to include a business section but one that is focused on the special needs of small,creative businesses. I love being crafty but there is a part of me that loves how technology makes it so much easier to own and run a small business – from blogging. to photo editing to using something like Folksy – all of these are essential to running a small business and technology and the introduction of software for the small business arena has made it possible.  I want to make sure that anyone who is starting a business does so with the best possible chance and that is what technology will give you!

– I have added a few additional workshops based on feedback from folks – Loopy about Crochet and a sweet little workshop on Basic Alterations.  These two have been a long time in getting organised as I couldn't seem to find people to do them and suddenly, like busses, two arrived at once!

-and to help make the winter a little more bearable, we will be having Open Craft Night at Coffee au Clay – a local ceramic arts studio – the third Thursday of each month. But just to be a bit awkward – the first one will be 26 January and is an open night kind of night – people can come and meet the tutors and see what the Open Craft Night is about. I will post more details next week on Facebook and Twitter…..watch this space!

So please forgive me for my lack of contact……maybe 2012 is the year I blog with vengeance?