I have been sooooo bad about posting the last six weeks!  It is not because I haven't been busy – I am getting married in two weeks and when the plans were first banded around about where to have it, I decided that since we lived on such a pretty street (especially in the summer) why not have it here!  So between the planning of that as well as having more workshops than expected, posting seems to have fallen to the wayside. 

We have had a few more firsts here at Make and Do – my first mother/daughter students (that does not sound right at all but that is the only word I can think of) who came to our Everything You Need to Know to Learn How to Sew workshop (the last one before we slow down for summer!)    


"Jasmine and I really enjoyed the sewing lesson. It was lovely to do a class
together and we are now able to support each other… Your method of
teaching was great and we felt very comfortable in such a relaxed but
professional atmosphere. The muffin was lovely and as a coffee 
connoisseur I really enjoyed the coffee too. We now feel
energised and motivated to start sewing, our cushions are amazing.  You will be
seeing us again and thank you so much for a lovely morning. 
Susanne and

Back in June we had another first which was two classes held in one morning!  Our Fit to Knit workshop was in our front parlour (that sounds so posh, doesn't it!) and we had the second session of our Quiltmaking for Beginners workshop in the actual Studio. We met up in the kitchen for coffee and nibbles at half time, had a bit of a gab and then went back to our respective workshops.  

Other firsts included the first workshop on Cob Web scarf making – which I was lucky enough to attend due to a last minute cancellation.  I know that might sound odd but I don't often get to go to courses that Beryl teaches as either they are full or I am busy on other work related items.I had great fun and my scarf was so soft and lovely, I have added it to my wedding outfit – I might even post a photo of it on the day.P1020248

That is my cob web scarf, before it was a scarf (if you know what I mean).

Well, we are winding down for summer but the autumn schedule is all but done ( I am tweaking a few last minute dates) so I hope to add that in the next day or so.  I will post over the summer as I am looking forward to posting about some new topics – and new photos!