….to describe your life?

I recently read about a project where people were challenged to write their life in a mini-memoir – using only six words.  Some of the ones that caught my eye and made me laugh (or cry!) were:




Images copyright Oprah Winfrey

I have been thinking of how I would describe my present life – it has become busier just in the last six weeks as Make and Do demands more of my time.  I have done a few things recently that have been great as they are challenging me on a new front but they also involve grabbing time from somewhere else:

-We had the first of our Open Craft Nights which has allowed Make and Do to take crafting on the road (so to speak!).  We had approx 70 people come along to see we do and to sign up for the various workshops we have on offer. It was so lovely to meet up with some of the original folks that came to Make and Do when it was just in its infancy as well as to meet those that are keen to be part of what we have in store for the future.  

– I have started to write a column (can you call it a column in the blogosphere?) for the Crafty Network called This Crafty Business. Anyone that knows me knows I am a big believer in helping folks and giving back so I am hoping to help folks who are thinking about trying to enter the world of crafting on a business front. I love writing it and find it quite relaxing – but is also makes me challenge the way that I do things on a business front.  

– I have met with a business mentor to help me move Make and Do forward – as I said above, I like to challenge myself a bit when I think it is needed. But I needed a fresh set of eyes to see what some of the possibilities were – and oh my, they are so many possibilities!  Have you ever been presented a bunch of flowers – all beautiful in their own right – but you can only chose a few?  That is what the potential for Make and Do is like. I am looking forward to picking the most beautiful of the bunch.

– I am trying to sort out how to make the most of the BBC visit in December. The movie is in production and I am waiting to find out when it will be out of the production cycle. I jokingly say I want to have a movie premiere – when will I get to say that again in my lifetime!

– I have met with some great people about adding new workshops to our schedule – some are so lovely and quirky I am looking forward to telling you about them once there is more "flesh to the bones".

So as you can see, life is busy but good. So what six words would I use to describe my present "busy but good life"?


An eighth day would be great!