Thank you Liz, Lisa and Louise for such a lovely day spent exploring our way around the sewing machines!  Liz – who is more creative then she would like to have us believe – is actually mad about making Sock Monkeys and has her own Facebook page called Lilibets Monkeyhut.  Worth a peek if you want to have a look!

As we were busy cutting and slicing, one of the three L's asked "what do you do with all your pieces of scraps left when you are finished cutting out what you need" and I said that I just hold on to them until I eventually, try to do something with them.  And then as if by magic, later on today I saw this article at Crafting a Greener World:

Crafting_a _greener_world

So, this leads me to ask……if I want to know what the winning lottery numbers are, will they too, appear in some mystical way? 

I also had great feedback that small is the new big – as in the number of people that attend is (purposely!) small and the satisfaction is big!  So don't be put off by learning a craft if you are afraid of being lost in a crowd – I promise you get the attention you need or you can ask for all your money back.

Kind of hard to beat that, huh?