I had this lovely e-mail waiting in my in-box this morning…..it has made my Monday in so many ways!!

Hi Maeri
I just wanted to thank you and show you how much you've taught and inspired me so far.  Eight weeks ago I didn't even know how to use a machine.  I decided to 'make' a present for a christening we were invited to and hey presto, a bunting, a drawstring toy bag and a personalised cushion (why I always make life harder I don't know).  Hey they're not perfect but you'd have to look closely Me and mum me even had our sewing workshop last week, bread and soup too!
Thanks again
See you on the 21st


How great is that for me to see! Job done….

Actually, not quite done as Gillian and her lovely Mum Kath are coming to Sydney's Simple Box Bag workshop on the 21st….at the rate Gillian is going, she might be able to teach it!

Have a great week folks!