Who wants to join me this summer in my travels to Vermont?

Jun 24, 2014

I am not sure if it is the warm summer nights, driving with the windows wide open on a dirt road or the abundance of lakes and rivers to cool off in. And then a stroll down main street for an ice cream (yes, that really is the High Street of Bristol – the town I am from).

Sierra Exif JPEG

Or the State and County Fairs that celebrate things like the largest ear of corn. Or the most prefect zucchini (go on – ask me what a zucchini is!).


Or my favorite bakery and cafe…ever.


Or the craft beer on tap at our local bar (and the fact it is called a bar not a pub!).


Or the fact that I get to spend time with the people who know me the best and have loved me the longest…on the most beautiful porch overlooking the most bluest of lakes.


Or the fact that I am taking my camera with me to document my time away in such a beautiful place.


But going home makes me excited in a way that is too hard to describe….in words anyway.

In exactly one month from today, I will be boarding a flight with all of my family in tow to spend some much needed time back in Vermont – the place I still consider home even after having lived away for over 20 years.

And I don’t think it is any coincidence that the same day I was thinking about writing this post, in my FB feed this popped up:

Vermont is the best state in America


So I have decided – that as my confidence in taking photos as well as video’s have grown – I would like to share with you the most beautiful state in America with you as well.

So starting on the 24th of July, when I dust off my passport and try to remember to drive on the other side of the road,  you can join me too in my trip back to Vermont – albeit digitally – by following me on my travels via the blog as well as Facebook and Instagram. I will post when the mood strikes me so don’t make me commit to a publishing schedule but I promise to try and do it as often as I can.

Looking forward to sharing some of the magic with you!


PS – We have the core of our workshops for the Autumn up on our workshop listing – we have more being added over the next month so keep an eye out for announcements.