I love the website Whipstitch – I have been following the progress of her bricks and mortar shop in Atlanta, Georgia as well as dipped in and out of her book Stitch by Stitch. If I had the time and the resources, hers is the business model I would look to emulate!. She had a posting via another website I love – Made by Rae about how to shop for fabric online I thought worth pointing your way…

How_to_shop_for _fabric

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I thought that point number three about drape (I tried to explain this concept to Vicky in my dressmaking workshop last week and this does it better) and point number five (I always check the selvedge for who produces the fabric so that I can "follow" it if I really like it) were ones worth paying attention to.  

Off to sew some bags today (starting to get ready for a our summer change of direction….but all good!)  - hope this was helpful or at least gave you an excuse to stop and have a cup of coffee!