Okay – 2011 is here and my motivation is still in 2010! I feel like my list just grows of things to do and my time to do it in just grows shorter.  So this morning, whilst sitting at my laptop and staring at the abyss of work-yet-to-be done – I thought "how does someone whose job is to motivate people actually motivate themselves?".  And then I thought, "hey, my friend Carolyn is a life coach, so I will ask her"!

Carolyn Ou is the owner of SandBox Consulting, located in Chicago, Illinois, where she is a career, life and leadership coach. She helps people get the moxie they need to help focus on their careers.  I asked Caroline what she does when she needs to get (and stay motivated) – her answer was so insightful on many levels (personal, small business owner, parent), I thought I would share it with you and see if there is something in it that you find helpful in getting your head around 2011:
That is such a GREAT question! What I do when I'm faced with a lot of tasks just like the ones you described, is remind myself of what it is I'm trying to create for the year…or for my life. 

For some people, it's the company vision. But sometimes for a small business owner, that's a lot to develop and can be frightening. So I always recommend just creating a simple vision or theme for the year, for your life and your work. 

For me, for example, for 2011, I have this picture of Roberto Benigni accepting his Oscar for La Vita Bella, climbing over chairs and guests, etc., and just being incredibly OUT THERE! That's my reminder that 2011 is my year to be out there in the world, expressing what I need to express, being joyful, asking questions, asking for favors, celebrating, whatever, even if I look silly in the process. 

For me, having that image motivates me and allows me to even enjoy the tedious stuff, knowing that it's going to help me accomplish what I want to in my life. The underlying goal for me is to be speaking in front of huge numbers of people this year, and impacting their lives that way, rather than being behind the scenes. 

What you might want to do is remind yourself what's in it for you; what you're creating in the world, and what pieces of it bring you joy, and if you can create visual reminders of that for yourself, that will help keep you motivated. 

I am now off to tackle the complete 2011 spring schedule (the beginning bit of it is on line but I have three totally new workshops to add!).  
Motivation be my guide!

PS – I also added a new music mix just to get you a little more motivated,,,,,,