If there is one thing I have learned whilst doing my workshops here at the Studio, crafting isn't just about learning a new skill, it is about connecting with people and making time to be social. And what better time to do this than during the Winter monthes when you start to feel like the days are just a bit too lshort?  

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Make and Do have joined up with Coffee au Clay to offer a dedicated date in the crafting diary where folks can come and experience crafting and being creative in a mini workshop environment. The idea behind the Open Craft Nights is each session is an hour long mini workshop where a person can try something different – sessions in the pipeline include making a personalised kindle cover, creating a beaded bracelet, working with simple felt flowers and just in time for th diamond jubilee – making your own bunting!  

And for those of you that are knitters out there,at the same time as the mini workshops, we will also being running a much requested Stitich and Bitch session!. Beryl Woodcroft, our tutor at the workshop for the Fit to Knit workshop, will be overseeing those of you that know how to knit but maybe you need a bit more guidance or want to have a good gab while you knit and purl. Just bring your knitting with you and we will see what we can do to help out!

The first Open Craft Night will be the 26th of January, from 7:30 – 9:00PM and as this is a new venture, we thought it might be worth having an open house for the first session. All tutors who are involved with the Studio and the Open Craft Night will be on hand at Coffee au Clay to show what it is that they do and answer any questions that you may have about their specific craft. We also hope to have a full listing of what each subsequent monthly Open Craft Night will cover.

We really are looking forward to adding this event to our already growing list of workshops and activities. Our Facebook page and Twitter @MakeandDoStudio 

Winter isn't looking so bad now!