I thought I would post a bit of feedback from this weekend’s All You Need to Know to Sew and what I am going to to do try and get folks to start sewing before summer!

“I attended the Saturday All You Need to Know to Sew workshop with no basic knowledge what so ever of how to use a sewing machine I was very nervous about attending and was concerned that I would find it very difficult to grasp. I needed not to be worry Maeri made the whole experience very relaxed and enjoyable and I loved every minute of it”

I can completely understand the part about being very nervous – after all, you are putting yourself in a position to have to do something new….a bit like my early morning session on crocheting this morning (more on that later!)…but in order to make it more of an incentive to come to the Studio before we break for the summer, we have a special offer whereby if you get your sewing machine serviced before 20 July – we will give you £5 off our All You Need to Know to Sew workshop to be used anytime.

If you are interested, just e-mail me at maeri@themakeanddostudio.co.uk and we can arrange for your machine to get dropped off and you can pick up your £5 voucher at the same time!