My first wedding was almost 17 years ago, in my parents beautiful wooden barn in Vermont on a hot day in July, back when the word “vintage” didn’t really apply to a wedding theme. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say, that DIY weddings were pretty rare.But I knew that I really wanted a wedding that was about me, my family and the beautiful part of the world I grew up in (and still think of as home) – Vermont.

So we set about using what we had on hand – my parents barn, my mothers wedding dress –

My Mum's wedding dress, quite a few years later...

My Mum’s wedding dress, quite a few years later…

(once we managed to get the 1950’s pointy-ness out of the boobs), flowers from the surrounding gardens (sunflowers in majestic full bloom), my sisters cake making skills and my Dad’s all around DIY craftiness – we created what to this day, was an absolutely gorgeous occasion.  I still have people that came that day tell me what a great day it was.

But with the greatest will in the world, this marriage wasn’t meant to be a keeper. So we divorced, I packed up my memories from my lovely first wedding and set about putting together a new life.

And then ten years later, I got the chance to do it all again.  I met my then boyfriend, who had convinced me, after years of dancing around the subject, that we should get married and he was ready to become my husband, version 2.0 (better and without all the bugs!).

And even though it was a different marriage and an entirely different set of expectations, I still wanted it to be about me, us and our three children. So this time, we had the ceremony in our neighbours garden and the party in ours….we made more bunting than I even thought any one singular event would require, got my Mom and Dad busy with erecting rain and sun shades (this is England after all!), my sister again came up trumps and made a croque-en-bouche which we were still eating days later.  And again, my vintage wedding number two was beautiful.

I think the singular, ultimate, intimate thing you can do on your wedding day is to at some small level, impart your own special uniqueness on the day. I love the idea of the non-cookie cutter wedding that your passions are reflected in…and if you can make it about what you love (with the one you love!), then even better.