My 5 top tips for working from home…with kids!

Apr 12, 2015



Those of you that follow us on Facebook will recognise the image of me above from earlier in the week…at near meltdown.

I had all three kids at home on Easter holiday, the weather hadn’t quite reached the loveliness that we are now experiencing and my husband was at his work. So I/we was stuck inside, no-one to tag team on the kids front as I stared down the barrel of blog posts and FB updates to do.

My fault really – Georgie & Gus is needing my time as well as the normal Studio stuff. But I was starting to get that clenched teeth feeling when I was answering questions about snacks, toilet trips and sibling arguments. The meltdown occurred when I turned around to see ALL my kids in the room with me, but busily getting on with their own activities/arguments.

That was when I snapped the photo you see.

Sometimes, you gotta laugh or you are gonna cry…or more likely, go postal.

But I also know, in my crazy “got to get this done now” scene, I was forgetting my golden rules when it comes to working from home. Rules and I have a love/hate relationship…but when it comes to working from home…the rules RULE!  Here are the 5 that work for me:

1. I get up at least an hour before the kids do and work on the most important things on my to do list. I am a morning person when it comes to work and I get more done in that golden hour than if I try later on in the day.

2. Where I am able, I order anything I need (from groceries to printer cartridges to windshield wiper blades) for delivery. It gives you more free time to juggle things around – nothing is worse than when you can see a free hour in your schedule but know you need to go grocery shopping instead.

3. If the kids are home with me, I try and make sure that they have activities to do, preferably at the same time so I get a window of time free. Normally, I can get an hour of them doing an activity and then they get bored. So I make sure to really work for that hour.

4. See if you can get one day (of a week) where they are ALL booked in activities or at friends. One clear day is better than trying to grab an hour here and there each day.

5. This last little bit of info sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t but when it does, it is magic! I will give my 7 year old a task but word it in a way that makes him think he is doing it for a greater cause. As an example, if I ask him to make his bed as good as Stampy Longnose, he practically runs to his room to do it. When he is finished, really truly finished, we take a photo and then send it to said Mr Longnose…(I hope you all know who Stampy Longnose is…). Try it!

So I have one more week to go of this balancing act. Feel free to keep checking back in to see that I am compis mentis!


PS –   Okay, so those are my top tips…what do you do if you need to carve out time to finish a project while the kids are swarming around you like bees to the honeypot?