My friend Jenni at Offbeat Beads has a Thursday Recommendations day where she lists businesses she likes  - she has been good enough to have Make and Do listed which I am very appreciative for.  It is really hard, when you have your own little business, to get serious about marketing because other things that appear more pressing grab your attention. But marketing  - like the kind the Jen has been doing – really helps get the word out, so today, I have picked three businesses that I really think are swell (gee Potsy! – that is so cool!) and could use a bit of "hey, look at me" (plus, I am hoping Grace will be putting on a ceramics class here later on in the year so my motives are ulterior!):

  • Grace Bibby Ceramics - The colours are stunning and the quirky shapes are wonderful!  Oh to be this creative!
  • Pretty Little Trio - What a great idea! Take your life long obsession of collecting sets of china and share it with others by renting them out!  I am a big believer that people should be looking to reintroduce items like china, which fell out of fashion, back in to the mainstream. And this is such a lovely, quirky way to do it.
  • Trevor Palin Images - You can tell that my photos aren't taken by Trevor!  I just love him and his wife Justine – they are creative, energetic and so helpful that when people ask for a photographer, I just send them to Trevor. 

Now I have to get back to cleaning one of my many vintage sewing machines that is being re homed this evening!  I have a full All You Need to Know to Sew workshop and one of the ladies has asked if she can have one of my machines – an adoption of sorts!  All good…