As you may know, if you follow what we are up to with new workshops, in a few weeks time, we are doing a workshop that is a bit different from our normal workshops – we have a great workshop for those interested in the basics of preserving and canning (or as someone else pointed out, really it should be preserving and pickling!).



I think the idea of preserving your food is so timely, as these challenging economic times means that the emphasis is on making seasonal food last longer and at the same time, trying to reduce the amount of waste that you create. Preserving does all this as you don't have to have fancy packaging – just some glass jars that have been been prepared by sterilising them and fruit and vegetables that are in season (so hopefully, not expensive!).  In our workshop, you make three different items (cranberry and fig chutney, pickled seasonal vegetables and a fruit infused liquor) to show you the ways to incorporate preserving across different food/drinks type.

And when I opened my delicious magazine yesterday, the foodbites section editors choice was all about the "big trend in drinking… about added flavour".  They mention Shoots Shots Sloe Gin at £22.95 for 75cl or William Chase Elderflower Liquer is £8.99 for 20cl – by no means a cheap hobby but by learning how to do it yourself (and some of the tips like expensive alcohol is not always necessary as the fruit covers the underlying alcohol flavour!) you can certainly put it in your affordable range. 

I will make sure that we post some basic information about canning (I got a great resource list from a lovely Dutch lady…you know who you are!) so if you can't make it, or want to give it a go at home, then you have a bit of help from us!

Roll on the holidays!