Think that good business karma is an accident?

Mar 19, 2015

Do you believe in the idea of karma?  And can you learn how to cultivate good karma and keep on growing it for your business?

One word answer – absolutely.

Karma is just an exchange of positive energy combined with a bit of luck as well as the ability to see more than what the immediate picture has to offer. I know it can sound a bit hippy dippy but I have seen good karma manifest itself again and again and in particular, the last few weeks.

So how can you cultivate good karma in your business?

You look for an opportunity to say yes where you are able. Because that is the positive energy that karma needs to grow.

When someone asks you for help, say “of course – what do you need?“.

Can you spare five minutes to look at this for me“sure, happy to help”

I know you are a bit busy but if you could give me advice...”thank you for asking for my advice. I am busy at the moment but can make time later in the week to have a quick chat”.

And no, I don’t mean say yes to everything. That would be completely soul destroying and energy draining. I mean that when you are asked, you say yes if your head (and your heart) tells you that saying yes is for the right reasons.

You cannot grow and cultivate good karma if you only do things that will benefit you or your circumstance.  

But if you try and get that Karma gig going, you will be amazed at how slowly, slowly…it starts to come back to you.

The last few weeks have been busy here at the Studio –  between getting the final list of speakers for our Georgie and Gus event lined up, adding new workshops to our schedule, teaching workshops that are already there! and just keeping all the plates spinning that family life requires. And every time I have gotten myself in to a bit of pickle while keeping all these plates in motion, good karma has stepped in to give me the space and energy required to keep the plates spinning.

So get going on the good karma, because the sooner you start, the sooner it comes back your way!


PS – Isn’t that a gorgeous flower in the photo? I snapped it a few weeks back and it is a boutonnière that was on display by the talented Living Colour Flowers at a wedding fair that we both were involved with. Stunning!