Our open night was such great fun – why didn't we do this sooner?  Everyone that came was so lovely, complimentary and enthusiastic – I guess when you are making and doing all the time, you lose sight of the thrill that people can get when seeing the possibility of making a dress, or working with felt or knitting that sweater.  So I was glad to see all these people excited at the possibility!

A few things I personally have taken from the night:

  1. Sarah B has told me that I need to get a Facebook group. Guess what I will be working on this weekend?
  2. You don't need the heat on inside (even if it November) when it is 16 degrees outside.  I turned it on by habit and we all started to sweat within 15 minutes. I cannot get over how warm it is outside – even at this time of night!
  3. Nothing beats a bit of face to face with folks – Facebook, Twitter, texting is great – but you get so much more out of having a conversation with someone.
  4. Folks want a quick printable schedule so they can print out and show their friends.  You asked and I have produced -  Download Workshop_schedule_10_November. Print away!
  5. And speaking of friends, we now have a refer a friend scheme because friends like to craft with other friends (that was obvious by the number of you that came in twos!).  If you register for a course, and you refer a friend who books on a workshop , you receive a £5 reduction on the course you have registered for or a £5 credit towards any future courses.  

Off to bed!