I thought this picture was a great one to have as we are on the back of Mothering Sunday (in the US you would call it Mother's Day – same thing).  I do remember that the stork was an option when it came to questions about where babies came from – but I think Mothering Sunday but a rest to that question. After all, it isn't called "Stork Delivery Day" now is it?

It seems to have been ages since I have properly posted but it does not mean that we have not been busy on the creative front. With Mothering Sunday looming, the children will have brought home some great coasters – made from 100% recycled materials – for their Mom's to rest their mugs of tea on (or as one child said really loud when I told them about what the coasters can be used for – "my mom can put her wine on it because she has, like, 86 bottles of wine and she drinks them all the time!" How we laughed!!). The children designed the inside of the coaster and then we used old clear plastic folders to make the outside – putting them together like a sandwich and then zipping them through the sewing machine.  You can sew just about anything with the proper needle as well as a study sewing machine. Then to neaten them up, we used pinking sheers on the outside.  The photos below will show you bit of the process:

That is the loveliest heart!  

The children also made fantastic felt flowers for their Moms – again, made out of all of the leftover scraps of previous projects.  The flowers have had a pin sewn to the back of them so that they can move them from sweater, to bag, to a headband accessory, as one clever clog pointed out!  048

With the older children, Beryl worked with them to make the felt from scratch for their flowers. The finished product was gorgeous and I hope the Mom's liked them.

The adult classes have also been busy, with some of them full well in advance of the day of the workshop- I think I am looking forward to a rest over the Easter holiday!  The most recent class was the Sling Bag workshop which I will include a few photos of Sally hard at work making her bag.

The hardest part is picking out the button……


And there you have it – three and a half hours, a little under a meter of fabric, the desire to be a bit creative and me telling Sally not to worry about the mistakes you make – a Sling Bag has been born!  

Does that mean we have to have a day to celebrate the creation of bags as well?