Tongues_out "Tongues out for the photo or tongues in?" I asked, knowing full well that that there was very little chance that this energetic group of kid would say "tongues in"!  And I was right – amongst the giggles of silliness, the tongues made their debut at MAD Kids!

The enthusiasm from these kids was evident from the minute they first arrived and sat around the group table. I suspect they were a bit disappointed when we went through a handout on safety as they were chomping at the bit to get on the sewing machines, set up in the corner of the room. And so as not to disappoint, within 15 minutes of arriving, they were on the machines, stitching the letter of their first name.  This was easy for the two Louis's that were there (down, stop, shift the paper and then down again), but I was feeling a bit sorry for Rhiann, who quickly learned about curves!

Once they were bitten by the sewing bug, Nicky Woods-Marshall and I sat down and talked about what they would be making over the next six weeks.    Though they were full of suggestionsNicky_Louis , we told them that we wanted them to make their own PE Bags (or as we have come to call it, the Pretty Excellent bag) which they were all going to get a chance to design and then sew their own individual panel.  You could see all their little brains whirring with ideas as to how they could design their bag – we even helped them through an ideas session where they did some initial designs.  Once we talked about their designs, they modified them even more and when we looked up at the clock, the time had come to put away their project until next week.

Next week will combine the use of the sewing machines as well as good old fashioned hand sewing in order to help create the panels. The best comment of all was from one of the children who, at the end of the session, said "how can an hour pass so quickly?!".  We look forward to helping another hour whizz by next week!

Until then, don't forget to stick your tongue out!