Another Thanksgiving?  Has it really been twenty Thanksgivings since I have lived in the States? How quickly times passes.

I took this photo really quickly this afternoon whilst out on an errand. The sun through the leaves makes it so hard to believe that it is almost December – we have had such lovely, mild weather that if I am going to give thanks for something, off the top of my head, that comes top of the list!

I can imagine that in these testing economic times, it could be hard to find something to be thankful for. The relentless bad news is well….a bit disheartening. But being thankful can be about small things – the sun on a lovely end of November day! – and the love of your family and friends.  I certainly have these in abundance.

Off to download some new stuff to Folksy, eat yet another pumpkin muffin and get a fresh cup of coffee – happy Thanksgiving everyone.