…it can't be…..is there really something in the region of six weeks and counting until Christmas?  How come every year I act surprised by the fact that Christmas is coming when in fact, it is just another 365 days from the last time we celebrated. This year I am more aware than previous about the Christmas countdown as I have to think ahead for both the children's clubs and the Christmas is All About the Making workshop for adults we are having. Between the workshops and the kids clubs, it has been pretty busy but we have managed to get some photos fired off, which I am happy to share with you. 

The adult photos are taken from our quilting course as well as the Embroidery as Art workshop. The best thing about both courses? The sense of achievement that the everyone takes away with them that they didn't have when they started.  And to be able to show people the piece of quilting that you finished or the piece of embroidery that you started is an added bonus!

Like the socks……I told you we were relaxed! 





I love this quilt!  The colours are not the traditional colours I would have said a first time quilt sewer would chose but Pat did an excellent job and has inspired me to do something different with my quilts.


And let's not forget the little ones – they have come back all excited about making stuff for Christmas.  I have a Mom who saved alot of the things I made when I was little and I am hoping that the kids make some things that their Moms, Dads, grandma, grandpa – whoever!-  wants to keep as a treasure.



As you can tell from the photos, we do quite a bit of exploring of ideas before we start to put together the project.  It helps them understand that when creating something, it is good to take time out to engage with the left side of their brain.  

I know the next photo is blurry but it is such a lovely shot, I decided to include it in this post.  I have also made a new year's resolution to get some tuition on my photo taking skills!


I have started to put together my Christmas music mix for the blog as well – I loved doing it last year and feel that the middle of November is not too early for finding some new and interesting holiday songs.

Perhaps I should start my holiday shopping as well?  Nahhhhh….