I saw this post from BrandCamp and oh, how it rang true!  

You can read the rest (expletives included!) clicking on this link but anyone that knows me, knows that swearing has helped me get through some rough patches. At my previous job, I worked in an office with two men who were not un-used to the odd swear word over the monitor, but when it was really getting sticky (like in the middle of my divorce), the words flew thick and fast.  So much so, one of my office mates asked me if I had swearing related tourettes symptoms!

But I have discovered that it acts as a release….when I feel like it is all getting just a wee too much and that "here comes overwhelming" knocking on me door, it just makes me feel….better. And better=stronger. 

And when something makes me feel stronger, it does help me tap into that creativity.  

If you happen to be in ear shot of me when I am on a good rant. I apologise in advance.

The only thing I can say in my defense…..I learned it from my very creative mother!