Plastic Fantastic Craft Clips


Plastic Type: PVC

Brand Name: None

Material: Plastic ;

Size: 2.6x1cm

Shape: U-Shape

Quantity: 10 per pack



These plastic craft clips are a fantastic option to using pins in your craft project. They are simple to use, leave no marks and are much easier to keep track of then pins (and much less painful than sticking yourself by accident!). The pressure that the clips use is surprisingly strong for the size of the clips and it ensures that your project stays stable.

We also love the fact that these craft clips can be used across a wide variety of our workshops, from the Dressmaking Isn’t Rocket Science where we use it to hold the binding in place when sewing it to the neckline and sleeve, as well as in our Snap Frame Clutch Bag where it holds the layers of fabric, interfacing and fusible wadding together in a way that pins struggle with. In our Simple Leather Purse where you can’t pin leather as it leaves holes (and is very hard to do as the leather is too thick for most pins), you can use these clips to keep the leather in place while sewing.

Additional information


Mix of clips in a variety of neon-colours.


Mix of clips in red and clear plastic


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