Freezer Paper


50 square feet of Reynolds Freezer Paper

(13 and 1/3 yards by 15 in)

(12.1 m x 381 mm)


8 in stock (can be backordered)


American Freezer Paper is the hidden weapon for those crafters in the know. You can use it as a turbo charged version of Swedish Tracing Paper, but it has features onto make it easy to reuse and get perfect tracing lines. It can be used as a way to ensure perfect placement of your fabric as it is much more stable than your normal tracing paper, once ironed to your fabric.

You can trace your patterns on to the paper side of the Freezer Paper and instead of pinning your pattern piece to your fabric, you adhere the Freezer Paper to the fabric using the shiny plastic coated side and a hot, dry iron.

Once you have cut your pattern piece out, you can pull the Freezer Paper off, with no residue left on your fabric and it can be reused approximately 12 -15 times before it loses the ability to stick to the fabric.

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Freezer Paper Length

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