Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles, Size 90/14


  • Universal Needle for virtually all domestic Machines.
  • Universal needles are generally used on woven fabrics.
  • They are a great general purpose needle, with a slight rounded point.
  • Standard Needle packet.
  • 5 Needles Per Pack.
  • Size 90/14 General: For curtains, sheeting, cotton, twill, linen, etc.


Ask any crafter, who knows and values good quality, which brand needles are the best to use and they will tell you Schmetz. We have used these needles on all our machines here at the Studio and they will produce a much better stitch quality than other needles – the Schmetz website says it better than we can:

The sewing machine needle is the most crucial element in the stitch forming process. Cheaper carded needles do exist in the market and many of them would like you to believe that they are just as good as Schmetz Needles. No other needle manufacturer can match the amount of detail and quality of material that goes into each needle before it leaves the Schmetz factory. In terms of sewing satisfaction, the cost of using a discount brand needle always exceeds the price of purchase.


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