My Mom and I often chat about the workshops and she asked me this week how they were going and what they were like and I laughed, saying "like catching butterflies without a net!".  I can think of no other description that best fits what happens when the kids walk into the room and sit down to their projects.

The Tuesday workshops for the younger kids worked more on hand sewing this week, showing the children how to sew on buttons. Have you ever tried to show a six year old how to push a needle through the fabric whilst at the same time looking for the hole to put the needle through?  We did get there in the end with some of the children but the rest will have to finish it later on next week .I may have to modify the way in which I show them how to do it as I found the proximity of erstwhile sewing needles to my eyes a bit too close for comfort!

One of the children, Emily, brought in a lovely dress that had been a favourite of hers but that no longer fit,   announcing that she wanted to cut it up and use it for part of the covers of the notebooks. And that is exactly what she did – she took off the buttons, cut up the ribbon that lined the waistband and then even cut the body of the dress into smaller bits and gave a piece to each of the other children. It pleased us no end to see her take the dress and have fun making into something else – and sharing it with the other children.    Alessa_sewing


























The P E Bag project with the older children is moving along nicely and we are happy to see the children gain in confidence each  workshop.   As you can see, the children are getting on the machines on their own (with a watchful eye) and in this photo, they look as if they are tuning a radio station in!  They are actually picking one of the 35 stitches that the machine has –  this part seems to take ages as they feel that have to get just the right stitch.  But is also helps them become more comfortable with working with the machine.

When the children aren't fiddling with the dials on the sewing machine, they are hand sewing their design on to the back of the PE bags. Some of them are really detailed and  have impressed us with their level of creativity.  I have had one of the mothers ask me for instructions for the PE bag, which we will add as a link once we have finished them.. only because by then I should have worked out how to put them together in the simplest way!



I also think it looks as if little Louie has made a chin hammock and I was wondering if he has come up with a whole new idea in facial relaxation techniques!

Well, if your chin is feeling tired at the end of the day today, perhaps you could let me know and we could get the children making some chin hammocks!

Until next time…