I cannot believe it has been a month since I last wrote my blog post about my two vintage weddings – I wish someone would grant me the wish to slow down time as it passes at such a rate as I am getting older, it scares me. And as my older two children go back and forth between my home and their Dad’s (husband number one for those who have read my previous post)- when they come back after an extended stay at his house,  I have to hold back my urge to cry just a little at how much they have changed in just a short amount of time.

I notice the passing of time most when I have that rare moment to just watch my children (as opposed to correcting, yelling or just being a bossy mother). My son who is now 15 has a girlfriend and spends most of his time in his newly forming social circle.  He still loves me but I can see that his needs from me as his mother are changing. And I am okay with that.

However, my daughter Sydney who is 13, still wants very much to have me around. She is both independent, sweet and needy at the same time. She often mills around in the background of the Studio while I am doing something Studio related….she tells me about her day and often asks about what I am doing. On many occasions, I have asked her if she wanted to join me when I was sewing and she usually looked bored and said no.

But this last week, she asked me if we could sew together and not only did she ask but she had a project that she has seen and wanted to do for her trip away with her Dad the following week.  It does make me laugh as she has no fears about sewing – no preconceived inabilities that adults come to the Studio burdened with – so even though she hadn’t been in front of a machine in ages, off we went. Here is the bag she wanted to make (no, not the one she made…this is what they call the teaser!). Prepared to be impressed:

Sydney's first sewing project

Sydney’s first sewing project

So off we went  – she could chose any fabric(s) she wanted and was in charge of tracing the pattern from the original, laying it out and cutting the various pieces which she did quite happily (these are the bits that I don’t like doing so it was quite a nice fit!).

And after three plus hours and a few cross words (she thinks I don’t pin enough!) this is what her bag looked like – she even took all the photos as she was so happy with it (it was her idea to fill it with some of her products in one of the photos which made me laugh as that is so her if you knew her). Her photos really impressed me as well – maybe she has not only my sewing gene but my curiosity about the camera as well?.


We didn’t have webbing for the handles (which was quite expensive) so I showed Sydney how to make her own….

And yes - it has a dreaded zipper!

And yes – it has a dreaded zipper!


This gives you an idea of scale.

This gives you an idea of scale.

Have a wonderful Easter! Make sure you take some time just to watch your children….