With all this sun, I thought I would post this great free pattern for this Heather Ross sundress – and then when I did, the sun went away! But as I am ever the optimist, I am going to to post it any way and tell the rain to go away! I made this sundress a few summers ago – I felt smug as I was just ahead of the whole flowy dress thing – and it was easy.  The only thing is the bottom of the dress, as I had made it longer in length, was a bit tight, so I inserted a slit up the seam. 


You can find the full set of instructions here. In order to achieve the puckered look on the top (shirring), you will have to use elastic thread.  Here is a quick video on youtube on how to wind the elastic on the bobbin. 

Come on sun – time to come back so we can wear some lovely dresses!