How to sew a straight line – every time!

Mar 18, 2017

image of the video I have filmed showing how to sew a straight line

“Can I sew a straight line?” – if I had a pound for every time I was asked that question that almost all beginner sewers want to know.  And when we teach workshops, we love to share tips that we use because we know other people like a bit of help too. As a matter of fact, “what I learned in tips and tricks was worth the workshop itself” is one of the most consistent comments we get back on our workshops.

So let’s share a video that answers the most consistently asked question in our sewing workshops about the elusive straight line.

you tube channel image of my video showing how to sew a straight line

Believe it or not, it involves posh masking tape (the brand I use is FrogTapeⓅ) and that is pretty much it. My only suggestion is that you don’t use cream-colored masking tape as that has a tendency to be a bit too sticky and will leave a residue. FrogTape is almost like washi tape (as a matter of fact, washi tape is sometimes known as Japanese Masking tape so there you go) and I suppose you could use that too.  So click on the image above and you are good to go.