Sarah’s thirty year journey to finally calling herself a sewer

Sarah came to the studio to overcome her lifelong fear of learning how to sew.

Sarah proudly snaps her top, which was 30 years in the making.


“I really am a complete beginner.”


“I have tried a few times to sew and just got completely lost. I really am not very creative at all.”


“My sewing machine is still in the box from when I bought it and that was ten years ago!”

I thought I would tell you about a student who came to the Studio in the summer of 2016 to help you understand how hard it for some people to come to the Studio.

At the beginning of every class, I always ask why people are here and what they hope to do with their soon-to-be mastered skill. Our workshop numbers are small, four at the most, so when people tell us their story it helps the other students feel at ease. One student, her name was Sarah, told her story that when she was in high school, she had been told that she wasn’t really suited for sewing. In fact, she was told that really, she should try metal work instead. So with a seed of doubt firmly planted in her impressionable teenage brain, she doubted her ability to even learn the basics and avoided sewing at all costs.

She let that doubt nag her for almost 30 years. What finally pushed Sarah to think beyond what she has been told all those years ago was that she had a daughter, and she wanted to be able to sew with her.

Sometimes, those simple life connections are what it takes to challenge yourself.

She, perhaps like yourself, felt that sewing really was for a dedicated group of people who were lucky and talented enough to be able to do it. But she wanted to give it one last try.

Sarah booked on to one of our Saturday workshops and brought along her friend Zoe, as much for moral support as well as Zoe wanted to learn too. And after telling us her story about how she was told she wasn’t ever going to be a sewer, I promised her she would be. She gave me that look of “are you sure” and I just nodded my head. “You will,”I promised, “be a sewer in three hours time.”

She did learn how to sew on that day, and she actually teared up at the end of the session. She said it was so much more then just about learning how to sew. It was about looking that someone, who all those years ago told you couldn’t, in the eyes and and saying “Yes, I can”.

She kindly left a review on the Facebook page that I would like to share with you, so you know that I have complete faith that, even if you are a person who has never touched a sewing machine, you will be just fine.

“I went on the ‘All you need to know to sew’ workshop as it was recommended by friend.

My experience with using machine was limited to secondary school when at the age of 12 my teacher suggested I may be better suited to metal work. My daughter received a machine for her birthday last year and it has spent the last year – untouched and unloved – in a cupboard.

Determined and anxious, I attended the workshop and let Maeri know about how I felt about tackling sewing. She immediately put me at ease. The workshop at the back of her house is beautifully equipped and a pleasant environment to learn. The pace was great. Three out of four of us had brought our own machine but Maeri was able to guide us on how to use our own machines with ease – there was no waiting round whilst she looked at each machine. Maeri’s knowledge was obvious and her teaching was idiot proof (thank god!).

After a short break (and gorgeous, homemade cake) we were guided through the steps to making a cushion cover.

At the end of the session I was as proud as punch of my cushion cover. I just wish I could find THAT teacher to show her. I will be booking another workshop with Maeri. I immediately came home that afternoon and made a pin cushion, neck ties for the dogs and hemmed my table cloth. I even managed to guide my daughter (whose machine it is) to make a small purse.

Thank you Maeri xx”

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