Pinterest for business isn’t just about setting up your account profile, creating a few boards and filling them with ideas.

It has the potential to be a powerhouse digital marketing performer in virtually any size business.,

In this full day, hands-on training session, we create a building block strategy for your business, which is your step-by-step guide for understanding and growing your Pinterest account.

Pinterest has said that 2019 is the year that video comes to pins and we are ready for it! as we have an afternoon session with an emphasis on digital image creation for video, taught by Anne Gould, who specializes in creating visual storytelling for her clients with her company, Master the Digital Maze.

The course will be taught from our purpose built Studio in Stockton Heath, Warrington, which is easily accessible by train and motorways and parking is free (specific details can be found at the registration link below).

For this workshop, you will need a laptop and a mobile phone (Android or iOS). 

The schedule for the day includes (for more specific information on each section, click on the double arrow to the right, which brings up a listing of what exactly is covered):

Workshop Breakdown


9:15am – 9:30am


By Maeri Howard, Event Coordinator


Maeri will welcome you to the workshop. This time is for getting settled, set up your laptop, and grab a complimentary tea or coffee.


9:30am – 1:00pm

Pinterest Groundwork

Let’s take a bit of the mystery out of what Pinterest wants from you
  • What do you want Pinterest to do for your business?
  • Keyword research for future proofing your growth
  • Identify core boards that your customers will want to visit
  • Build a successful board from the top down – understand and create images, hashtags, and keywords that make a pin/board perfect for sharing

1:00PM – 1:45pm



Time to relax & recharge

You will be provided with lunch, dessert, and tea or coffee. This will also be a great chance to chat with fellow attendees and your hosts and if the weather is good, you have the option to take a relaxing stroll along the Bridgewater Canal.


1:45PM – 3:30pm

Growth Strategy

By Anne Gould, Master The Digital Maze

Taking your boards & pins to the next level
  • Pin, re-pins, and growth – setting up systems for consistent pinning
  • Going granular – we look at analytics with an emphasis on the important ones to pay attention to for understanding real growth
  • Video and what Pinterest wants (in this session we will film a short video for editing and posting)
  • Overview of basic filming techniques
  • Editing your video
  • Posting and optimizing your video for reach

3:30PM – 4:30pm

Your next steps


Learn how to keep going...

how to keep your Pinterest momentum going and what we have in store for the next 28 days!

Workshops Dates

No Events


What level of Pinterest user do you need to be to take this course?

There isn’t a set level – if you have no Pinterest presence but want to start off on the right foot, this is for you!

 If you have an account but want more detail so that you can grow your reach, then this will be just what you are looking for.

If you want to understand how to create video content for Pinterest as well as how to edit your film quickly and professionally,  this is definitely for you.

What the cost of the training/workshop includes:

-a private Facebook page full of helpful information but also a place to get comfortable with what we will be covering on the day and also a chance to create a hub of other Pinterest users for inspiration.

-access to wi-fi

-a workbook that will include all the information we cover on the day, complete with templates etc.

-coffee/tea, snacks and lunch

Plus our “keep the Pinterest momentum going” care package where will run a month long series of Live video, Facebook updates and weekly updates to make sure you keep pinning.

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