I have posted here before about sewing machines that I have been given that I offer back to any one that wants them for free.  They are normally older and what I would like to describe as "vintage" (hoping that vintage sounds better than old!). I think people really don't believe that you can get something for free but I feel really passionate that the old machines are work horses (that is why they are still around now!) and worth introducing back to the younger generation.  So when someone signs up for one of my sewing workshops, and doesn't have a machine to use at home, I always tell them that I have a free one, just for the asking!

And last week Charlotte, who came to the All you Need to Know to Sew evening workshop asked me if she could have one and I immediately said yes and then to make sure the "adoption" was successful, sent her a photo of the Novum Mark V that I had taken from my garage, wiped down, lightly hoovered and oiled earlier in the day.  And Charlotte (you can see her in the background of this photo) was thrilled with her machine and I was thrilled to give it a second life!


If you look very close at the machine, you can see numbers and lines written on the front of the machine – this was to help Charlotte with the getting the cotton/thread from spool pin to needle. The other ladies on the evening had machines that had the numbering already on them so we decided  - why not just write it on Charlotte's machine?  You can do that when it is older – I like to think it adds even more character to the machine!

Have a great weekend!