About two years ago, I received a phone call from a man who was contacting the Studio on behalf of his wife. They lived in the local community and had heard about what we do through an article in one of the newspapers.  His wife was no longer able to sew due to advanced Parkinson's but she had a lovely Singer sewing machine (a 99K for those that really want to know), which she has received 55 years previous as a wedding present, that she wanted to donate to the Studio. I gratefully took the machine home and gave it a place with my other growing shelf of wanting to be rehomed machines.

Fast forward a few monthes ago, when all the other motorised machines had been given homes, and there on my shelf sat the Singer. So one Friday night, I got a glass of wine, took the box down and since then, I have been enamoured with my Singer. It has opened my eyes up to the experience of sewing with a hand cranker and I don't think I will ever part with it I am so fond of it. And I am so thankful that the lady thought to contact me and allow me to share in the joy of owning this lovely machine. 

So this Christmas, I am putting on Santa's hat and saying to folks – if they know anyone that might appreciate receiving an older but much loved sewing machine for Christmas- please have them contact me at . I have a list of people who have contacted the studio and have machines to give away – and I would love to think that the machines would get a new lease of life being used by some grateful individual! 

Have a lovely weekend – I have added the Christmas tunes to the website as we are now officially on countdown mode to the big day!