It’s all about the number of heartbeats…

Jul 14, 2014

son_number_oneIn amongst the preparation for our trip back to the mother land, son number one, who is 15, is making a quick trip to Germany for work study.

I dropped him off early Sunday morning, the first light rain in what seems like ages, misting the windshield as we drove to the airport. Everything about the morning was telling me to  go  slow and be present – this was his first trip on his own and my first of letting him go.

I also had to be conscience in not taking the lead  – it was, after all, his trip. So I explained the importance of checking the flight board and then let him stretch his wings.

And then we were at that moment where we were stood by the mouth of security and he wanted to go and I couldn’t think of any more words of wisdom to impart to him. And in typical man/boy fashion, he turned and started to walk towards the security gate….I had to call him back for a hug and a kiss. He laughed at his mistake, bent down and gave me one of each.

And then as he strolled down in to the sea of people, my tears came out of nowhere. The kind and volume where the security lady looked at me, smiled and said “he will be alright”.

The assurances that he would be “alright” wasn’t really the reason for my tears (okay – maybe just a few!) it was about the fact that I get a reminder every once in a while, that life is a finite amount of heartbeats. Nobody knows how many but you will have some – hopefully many. But watching son number one stroll away made me realise just how many heartbeats had passed since he first came in to my life and how quickly they grow up and leave.

Enjoy this summer with your family and friends – be present as much as possible.

Take that time to remind yourself about the number of heartbeats….and make sure you spend them making memories…