Okay, only 22 days and counting until all is normal again and the frenzied, weary individuals who have shopped, purchased and consumed until they thought they would explode can put down their purchasing weapon of choice and say "until next year".   But to try and make that 22 days a little less stressful, I offer you the following free!! ways to make sure you come out the post Christmas end sane:

  • I have downloaded my annual Christmas music mix which is full of different twists on traditional holiday songs as well as some alternative tunes. And even though I don't really profess to be religious, I do feel a bit hypocritical not giving a nod to the little guy in the manger so they are in their too.  Just click on the play button to the left and you are all set!
  • When things get a bit out of hand, visit www.yogatoday.com which has some of the best free yoga classes I have found on the web.  If you click on the link that says "classes" and then again on the "this weeks free class" you get that one class for the week, free! If you get bored of that one, then you have to subscribe but I have never felt the need to do that. The pace is great and the scenery is breathtaking. 
  • So you are busy wrapping and you have run out of tags? Or you are just sick to death of the ones that you are using as they are from years past and are all scraggly and sick looking? Check out these free downloadable tags from West Elm studios.  You can change your mind as they have a great selection – don't be afraid to use paper that is slightly thicker for tags. 
  • Take a bath!  And whilst you are there, you might as well rub yourself down with a homemade body scrub made from lavender and coconut oil. It smells like heaven and the cane sugar acts as a loofah and gets rid of all the dead skin.  And it is a great gift to make!

 Will try and add more as I find them – can't have everyone getting all stressed now can we?