This bag really isn't about me – it is about my daughter Sydney and her friends…..

I have made this bag a thousand times and whenever my daughter had a friend who was having a birthday, this is the bag they got. All different mind you – the fabric is what makes each of them special.

A few monthes ago, Sydney and her friends were going away on a three day residential course and when we arrived, with all her luggage in tow, to board on the bus, I saw all these lovely, little bags peeping out from the girls extensive luggage repetoir. And it was so heartwarming to see that the girls actually used the bags – and according to their Mom's, really loved the bags!  And then, when people were coming to the Studio (Gillian and Kath – you were the final straw!) and said "I would come to a workshop if you had one on how to make those" I decided enough was enough…and Sydney's Simple Box Bag was born!

Here is the outside….


And it is even lined – with or without a pocket!


Want to register for the workshops?  It ison 21 June from 09:30 – 1:00 and £40 covers all your costs for the workshop. Follow the link below to hold your place with a £10 deposit!


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