After (just under) three restful weeks away, I am up early this grey Sunday morning as I gently get myself back into small business mode to attend today’s session of the Folksy Summer School which is being held in Sheffield. The fact it is in Sheffield is itself unusual as many of the creative gatherings are held down south –  no problems with the southern thing  but it can make it a bit more challenging for those of us that have to manage domestic schedules and either get on a train (I love trains!) or drive there (boo hiss on driving!). So I am doing a Thelma and Louise and arriving with Sarah from Tilly Mint Boutique and Sarah has very nicely agreed to drive so I only need to navigate.

I thought I would post a photo of my packing list for tomorrow and as I am VERY particular about the items I use. I will also include a bit on why I have packed them:

– I am really keen to take the product photography workshop so my lovely new Canon is coming with me and hopefully, fingers crossed, I will get on the workshop…otherwise, it is there to take photos of what is going on so will come in use either way.

-my lovely personalised Make and Do Studio notebook – it really looks fab and more importantly, about three months ago I finally came to the reality that NO organiser were what I wanted (and as much as I loved the excuse to keep buying yet another Moleskin notebook – other Moleskin addicts will know what I mean- in hopes that one would do the job) so I made my own using a tutorial I had found online. And now, I use it all the time and love it when people ask me where I got it from!

-I am super picky about what pens I write with ( I have been known to spend mornings searching around my house for the perfect pen!) and my go-to pen that gets five stars is the Uni Pen Fine Line in 0.8 in black. Not in blue ink or in a different size – always 0.8 in black. Sorry, it works for me! I can only find them in either larger Paperchase shops or on line.

-a highlighter in yellow. I just don’t feel fully prepared unless I know that I can highlight something at the drop of a hat.

-ibuprofen as with all the concentrating and note taking, I am sure to get a headache.

-business cards for obvious reasons….who knows who might be there!

So with the wagon packed  – I think I am ready for whatever today brings.  I shall report back in a day or so once I distill what I have heard. You can check my FB page or twitter (@MakeandDoStudio)if you want to see more timely but short updates….

….and is anyone else as picky about their pens as I am?