I have been up to here getting ready for Stockton Heath Festival, which takes place 7 – 10 July. We are involved with both the market – we have a double stall selling items produced by people who are associated with the Studio on Saturday the 9th of July – as well as an all day sample session called Make and Take (you can read more about it here). 

There are a fantastic group of women who will be selling their items at the Make and Take stall (and in some cases, teaching at the Make and Take workshops) and I would like to feature one of them every day this week so that you can see the variety of crafty items we will be selling but to also try and show you the connection that the Studio has to the local (but growing!) crafty community. In the case of Liz, who makes sock monkeys under the name Lilibet's Monkey Hut, it started when she came to a All You Need to Know to Sew workshop about eight monthes ago!  I will let Liz tell her story….




My name is Liz, I am 33 years old and I am a crafting addict.

I have always made or created something – from selling friendship bracelets at school, glass painting to making cards and Jewellery. I can’t draw or paint but love colour and pattern, so this was how I fed my addiction for many years.

I started making Sock Monkeys about a year ago. I saw one in a shop whilst on holiday that was very expensive and thought to myself (as many crafters will relate… ) “I wonder if I could make my own.” I had bought a small sewing machine a few months earlier that was still in the box, suddenly I had a use for it and a few weeks later the first Monkey was born. From there, more and more socks were brought to life as Monkeys, when friends and family started to ask me to make them for gifts. I then got brave and decided to join the technological age and set up the Blog – Lilibet’s Monkey Hut and the Facebook page Lilibets MonkeyHut. (Both were surprisingly easy to do for those thinking about doing one!)


Next came the logo and face of the Monkey Hut which is based on Maggie Monkey, my favourite Monkey! She was made for my gorgeous Goddaughter Lucy Margaret, who hadn’t been born at the time and I was trying to convince her mum to call her Maggie. This was then used to make the Adoption tags and business cards.



The Monkey Hut has come a long way in a short time! And I’ve lost count of how many Monkeys have been rehomed. The problem now is finding time to make them as I do have a real full time job.

I also have another crafty habit now… An obsession with looking for funky socks everywhere I go to make into Monkeys!

There will be many Monkeys running amok at the Stockton Heath Festival and in need of a good disciplined home to tame them. The monkeys and I hope to see you there!