Oh today…..how you tease me. You know I don't really have the time to sit down and blather on about myself but I had put myself down and as I have made everyone else do it (and I suspect that I will be too busy tomorrow to do it!) today is the day!

A list of ten things that I would want to know about me:

1. I have three beautiful children – they are both the ying and the yang of my life. I hope they think I am good mom when they are older. 

2. I moved to England from New York 18 years ago (!!). I was working for Oxford University Press in New York and they told me working in the UK would be a two year adventure…..here I am 18 years later.

3. I am from Vermont originally. Vermonters are known for being free thinkers and a bit independent.

4. My husband thinks I am a free thinker and a bit independent. I love my husband very much.

5. I grew up in a family that was very creative but not always for artistic sake – we lived in the middle of no-where so you had to make stuff – clothes, food – as there was no large department stores. We were 45 minutes from the closest McDonalds!  

6. I have not had any formal tuition in sewing – just my Mom and her patience.  I wish I had sewn more with her when I lived closer to her. 

7. I was a licensed private investigator as a job when I was in University, where I worked for a large financial institution. The rest is top secret.

8. I am so glad I started Make and Do as it puts me in contact with such creative, giving people. I am not sure where this journey of owning a small creative venture is taking me but it sure is fun!

9. I found out the hard way that fanny in American English has a much different meaning than the British English.

10. Life is too short….I tend to think I will regret the things I didn't do more than the things I did…..so don't be afraid to do something that scares you a little.  Like asking your mother in law to move her fanny out of the way…