First of all, I have to say, I really liked writing that title as we often pick on Beryl about being a master felter – and just think of what her business card would read!

Beryl has a very special place in the development of Make and Do.  About two years ago, I took an ad out in a little paper that gets pushed through people's doors.  At that point, I was only offering sewing workshops but wanted to offer more workshops – but needed other people to add to the list. I am a sewer really, even though I have dabbled in knitting and I remember when I was little crocheting. But I knew my expertise was in picking someone to share their knowledge in this area….not to teach it!

At the bottom of the ad, for some odd reason, I put "if you have tutor potential, please get contact the studio"  - I have only put that once and have never needed to put it again because Beryl replied, saying that she thought she had skills that I would be interested in and could me chat.  

Thought she had skills? – this lady is crazy talented!  She knits small villages on the weekends, has passed her City and Guilds Embroidery Part 1 and recently passed her City and Guilds Feltmaking Part 2 and 3. She is a Member of TX – a North Cheshire Textile Group and is the Regional Coordinator for the International Feltmakers Association.  She is so passionate about her crafts that when she comes around for a chat – she opens my eyes to new experiences (we recently made compostable felt bowls which you can use as an outdoor planter and when left outside to the elements, it will slowly decompose back to earth – and the colours are to die for!). I am 100% certain I would never had been exposed to this if Beryl hadn't politely asked, in that British way, whether we should meet to discuss her skills. 

If you would like to see some of Beryl's creations, please come by our stall at the Stockton Heath Festiva craft market. If you want just have a go at basic feltmaking skills, please come along to the Make and Take sessions in the craft tent – we have several sessions which are great for the curious and creative!

Three down, two more talented Makers to go!