You are one minute away from making your own beautiful bias binding

Jan 31, 2017

When I first started to make my own binding many years ago, it was more out of necessity than anything else. The binding that I could buy was, to put it simply, awful. It was always in wide range of three colours and was the texture of starched linen. When you took it off the cardboard roll that it was wrapped around, it would stretch out and then stay stretched. Hardly very useful when I needed it to go on my clothes or on my quilt.

I did venture into purchasing it on-line via Etsy but it was quite expensive for the amount of sewing that I did and with that in mind, I researched the easiest way to make it, that I could remember quickly when I was in the middle of sewing. After about four different versions of how to do it, this one has stuck and I love it. When I show people how to make it, they look at me like the magician when he pulls the rabbit out of the hat!

The main thing is to start with a square piece of fabric so that you get the maximum stretch from the bias when you cut it. Once you have your square piece of fabric, click play and in under a minute, you have the binding you need.

This is my first video of 2017 – and one that I hope helps those of you who want to make binding but get flummoxed on how to do it. It is only one minute – shot in real time, with very few edits.

Making videos┬ácan be a bit daunting at first – the filming, the software and then the editing. But it is so much easier to do with the advent of iPhones and free software like iMovie. This movie took me a little over five hours to film and edit…the real time vortex was the planning done beforehand. There are more in the pipeline and I am looking forward to getting better as I go along. Feel free to suggest any that you would like to see as I am happy to oblige if I can.


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