Apps can make your travel planning so much easier! We list the ones that we use but also include a link to a FaceTime live video where we talk about these in more depth.

Apps can make your travel planning so much easier!

I am about to take some much-needed R and R to give the creative juices a chance to regenerate (as a matter of fact, next month at this time I will be in Vermont, sitting on my parents porch with a very cold beer!).

This blog post is a bit different than the normal one that we do, as I am using it to introduce the apps (and one old-school website) that I used to plan my trip, and I think anyone who travels might want to try. But I have filmed it instead – it was so much quicker and I am really starting to enjoy the ease of video over typing. I have decided to post this as I have found that it is so much easier to find flights and hotels that fit my budget as well as personal circumstances so much easier just using these apps. They are like having my own travel guide in my pocket. And filming it made sense too – it is so much easier to get the information across this way then laboring over my keyboard.

So have a look at the video – it is under 10 minutes, and as I am keen on doing it in one take, you have to put up with the lighting being a bit wonky and a few verbal slips. Get a piece of paper to take notes (important links below) and I genuinely hope you find it useful.

And if you want to follow me during my trip to Vermont, you can catch most of it on Facebook (I am going to embrace Facebook Live while I am there). So you might want to check out our Facebook page if you want to join me (or just be nosy!).

Okay, Summer you can officially begin….

Travel Apps and Website links to help you successfully plan your next trip

App is Hopper

App is Airbnb


App is Musement

The Outbound Collective

App is Outbound


Okay, Summer you can officially begin….