It is so invigorating to see the weather slowly start to change to Spring!

Speaking of change, I saw this video series via Design Sponge called Made by Hand and I thought it was worth sharing. This one is about a beekeeper in Brooklyn. It is such a simple movie but so captivating – I dare you to not be inspired to do something that touches your creative soul….

As a girl who grew up on a farm, in what was at that time, a very remote part of Vermont, I have a real affinity with people who do things differently.  My Mom and Dad moved to Vermont when no-one was moving to Vermont – there wasn’t the desire to go back to a simpler, more “made by hand” lifestyle which is what Vermont offers in abundance. But they were living in the suburbs of New York City and both working in the City, which they knew didn’t suit them.  So they picked up sticks and moved to Vermont. Some of their friends thought they were crazy but my Mom and Dad knew living a life that was about making contact with the things that matter was what they wanted.

We even made our own horse!


Do something homemade today…… I won’t think less of you if you don’t make your own horse!