Let me and my Dad give you a lesson on perspective

Sep 9, 2014


You must be wondering what this photo of my Dad’s tomato has to do with perspective?  More than you would imagine and that is what I want to share with you.

At the tail end of my month back home, my Dad’s tomato’s started to get ripe and were teasing him with their “almost readiness”.  And for those of you that tend to a garden, you will struggle to find more joy than when everything starts to need to be picked. I would say “fruits of your labour” but really in my Dad’s case, it is “vegetables of his labour”.  And this beauty was the first one off the vine.

I suggested we take some photos as it was such a source of pride for my Dad and as I am slowly finding confidence in trying to take better photos,  I thought the tomato was a good subject. So we started to snap away and I showed him my first few attempts which were okay but not great.

So we both wondered what would happen if we turned it this way, shined it up a bit (like you do with an apple – rubbing it on your trouser leg) and that helped a bit. But as we got better at making the tomato look like the perfect tomato by hiding the blemishes and shining it up, we decided to see if we could make it the biggest tomato as well.

So in came little Addison and his small hands  – and suddenly, my Dad’s first pick of the season looked like the size of pumpkin and was perfect in all aspects.

But it just looks perfect folks. Trust me (sorry Dad!) there were loads of dings that you are hidden and well, if it WAS that big, I would be on the horn to Guinness World Book instead of writing this post.

And it occurred to me that it is important to remind people that this tomato is a good lesson in perspective.  

And reminding yourself that what you see isn’t necessarily what reality is.


That parent who has perfect children? No they don’t – they just know how to behave better in public.

Dang – their house is always clean. No it isn’t – everyone has a junk drawer and we all know it.

Your business is floundering while your competitors is flying. Nope – everyone has peaks and troughs….they just show you the peaks.

Her ass looks so much better than mine!  One word – Spanx.

You can let that distorted vision of perfection make you feel less….well, just less.

Be vulnerable and truthful enough to not be afraid to show the imperfection in your life.

It will make you feel more human and real.

And stronger.

Here’s to imperfect tomatoes!