Sarah_sewing I would like to introduce you to Sarah B.  Sarah came to one of my All You Need to Know to Sew classes quite a few months ago – I think she had seen my flyer in one of the local shops. She had been given a lovely little machine from her fiance and wanted to know how to get around it. So off she came to the workshop, which if I remember correctly was a bit busy. We also discovered that we were both planning our weddings so we had a few chats about where we were up to with the planning etc. and she left saying that she was keen to come to other classes so she would be back. I often hear that as folks that take the classes get really excited about the possibility of what else they can do. And sometimes they come back and sometimes they don't – it is the ying and the yang of life.

True to her word, she has come back – to the Sling Bag Basic class and to the Basic Quilt making class. But what makes her story a bit different is that she takes days off work to come to the classes.  This came out when we were talking about how much she is enjoying the sewing and Sarah said that even though she enjoys taking time off for holidays, she liked to be able to do things for herself that she can enjoy all year long, not just for when she is on holiday. 

How great is that?

And I think she is so right – and not just because she is coming to my workshops! – but because life is bit too short to hold your breath until the next holiday.

It has changed the way I look at things… the best possible way.

Thanks Sarah!