Having spent all of my youth in Vermont, you come to realize that the local country fair is not just a summer tradition, it is a right of passage.  I spent more nights and way too much money at the Addison County Fair when I was growing up. The smell of fried dough, the sound of loud farm equipment racing in the background and the sheer "small town-ness" of it still has a place in my heart, even though I moved from Vermont to England sixteen years ago. Now one of my greatest pleasures is returning to Vermont in the summer where I share the magic of the fair with my family.  And that includes the Pig Races! 

I have tried to take my camera with me on my travels whilst over here but I seem to have been bitten by the "bug of the broken camera".  When we first arrived,  I made the mistake (I blame it on the seven hour plane journey and subsequent 2 hour car journey) of handing the camera to my two year old, who promptly threw it to the ground and cracked the display. I have since borrowed my mother's camera but this too, seems to be plagued with a very short battery life so inevitably, when I am going for the money maker shot, the battery indicator flashes up. However, I still have some lovely shots that to me, say summer.


Fishing at the secret fishing spot – if you look closely, you can spot Louis.


Blowing bubbles and watching them turn in to rainbows when they hit the sky.


Main Street in my little home town.


A jar full of beautiful coloured glass – about to be filled with flowers from the garden.

Sydney swimming in Lake Champlain while the sun gets ready to call it a day.

These to me, say summer and boy, am I lucky to have time in such a beautiful part of the world.

I will try and post again before I head back to England  - who knows, maybe I will break the curse of the broken camera!