And no, this isn't about Tiger Woods….

When I was first making my entry into the world of sewing, my mother kindly offered me some free advice, which me being me (I have been told I was a bit on the wilful side), I promptly chose to ignore.  She said " when you are sewing, ironing your project is as important as sewing it.  What??? You want me to iron? You must be joking?


So during the Everything You Need to Know to Start to Sew course, when from my very mouth I heard myself say "you need to iron, iron and iron again" the (pardon the pun) irony was not last on me… I matter of fact, I know I chuckled at myself. It all comes full circle, that is for sure.  

And here is one completed, ironed cushion!Done_and_dusted

How did she know that her top was going to colour co-ordinate with her fabric?Match_that_top

We get to grips with one of the many uses of the acrylic rulers – a sewers secret weapon to getting a straight line when cutting your fabric!


And guess what – they also got to take away a handful of confidence!