Group_last_day_two Okay – so a little bribery is okay in certain circumstances. I would even go so far as to say that it is the stealth weapon of all adults when trying to eak out that last five minutes of good behavior.  Well, last week, as the last few minutes of the class stretched out before Nicky and I, we used the bribery card.  "Okay everyone, if we can all behave for just a few more minutes, as next week is our last class, we will have a party!" And it came out before we could take it back, so this week was all about finishing the books we started six weeks ago…and of course, the cake! 

The kids worked hard to get the books finished (in the group picture, they are all trying to thread ribbon through the notebook cover and pages). We did ask all of them to name one thing they have learned, and the best answer came from one of the boys, who said "I learned what an eye is!" I asked if it was the one I almost lost when showing them how to sew on a button and we both laughed.

And yes, they did get the cake in the end.  We hope the children have enjoyed it and we look forward to welcoming back the second batch of youthful stitchers in a few weeks time!

And as Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I have added an alternative love theme to the music player.  Enjoy it!


Millie_smiling_two  Imogen_smiling