Yes folks – that indeed is a photo of a man…..not just any man but what I would consider to be a very brave man. You will see him pointing to a cushion cover, which he completed whilst attending the Everything You Need to Know to Start to Sew Course earlier this month – which is my precursor to all things sewing related.  I have to come clean though – Pete is a friend of mine.  We worked together in a previous life and when Pete heard that I was offering classes in, amongst other things, sewing, he said he really wanted to learn and signed up.  And the rest is cushion history…. 

It has also been really busy at the moment as I have added on more of the classes that are proving to be popular  - Everything You Need to Know to Start to Sew was only going to be once every three or so months but at the moment it is every two or three weeks! I also added another Quiltmaking course as the one I am currently running is full too.  It is great news but it means that the work/balance gets tipped the wrong way sometimes.  I have also decided, based on feedback from folks that come to classes, I will offer a dressmaking course in September – which might not mean much to you but I can be a bit of a perfectionist at the wrong times and it has reared its ugly head with reference to designing the Dressmaking course.  Several people have said to me that they have taken dressmaking courses that are long in length but that they felt when they left the course, there were big gaps in basic instruction.  Or the classes were so big that they spent most of the time trying to get the instructors attention or machine time. My idea is two half day courses, with a gap of a few weeks in between (very much the same as the Quiltmaking course) where at the end of it, you have all the basic instruction you need to go it alone.  And like all the other courses – everything is provided and the numbers will be low – under four in a class. So now that I have said it out loud, I need to kick the perfectionist to the curb and get busy with getting it up and ready for September!

I also thought I would leave you with a photo that I took at the last class – it is a photo of pecan pumpkin bread ready for our half time break.  Anyone that knows me knows I like to bake and I feel that if you are making the effort to come to a workshop – I should make the effort to feed you well.  


Well, as the week ahead holds three adult workshops and two end of term kids workshops, I think I will hit the hay (a good Vermont expression!) Night….